Season 2022/2023


Ivor Bolton (Conductor), Mariame Clément (Director)
17, 19, 21 february 2023
Teatro Real


Teatro Villamarta - Jerez - 'Manon'. January 2022

"The singer is in magnificent form and controls her satiny instrument with ease, propriety and grace. The character, which she was tackling for thefirst time, suits her like a glove; for grace, for poise, for that indefinable and valuable feminine touch that is so elusive. Also because it gives her the opportunity to express herself expressively and display her exquisite singing. SCHERZO.

Teatro Real - 'Partenope'. November 2021

"Sabina Puértolas shone in what I think is her greatest role so far. Very difficult, if possible, to find a light soprano capable of equalling in global termsher Partenope, by physique, by her exceptional abilities as an actress and also by her vocal performances, which culminate in her great aria of thesecond act 'Qual farfalleta! She has worked hard. An admirable great job. These performances will mark a before and after in her already brilliant career". LA RAZÓN.

Teatro Real - 'Viva la mamma'. June 2021
"Sabina Puértolas was the one who stood out above the rest: unrestrained in her manner, with extreme facility for coloratura and extreme treble, sheconstructed a perfect Daria with good balance in the ensemble numbers and agility, placement and projection in her solo aria". ÓPERA ACTUAL